Thursday, December 8, 2011

Backlog attack: Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman

Back when I used to hang around /a/, there was a picture that'd pop up every so often, and it was a girl performing her "Butt-catching sword technique" (or was it "Sword-catching butt technique"?) anyway, I was quite curious about a source...and after a bit of searching it turns out that is from "Butt attack punisher girl gautaman" (since the title is so long I'm going to shorten it to 'butt girl').

So I actually have a funny story about this..I got my copy and started watching it, but by the end I was pretty perplexed. My version didn't have the infamous sword scene! So I did some looking around..and it turns out there are actually 2 OVAs involving butt girl and I had the second one, which is not as famous as the first. Naturally I went on a quest to find the first, and I did, and I watched it too. Both of these are only 45 minutes in length so the whole thing is the same as watching a regular movie. (although it's anything besides regular).
The series involves a girl, Mari, who is Catholic, but then buddha grants her magical butt-powers, she's all upset because 'oh no I'm catholic I can't use these powers!' but it doesn't seem to stop her for long. The evil gang she's fighting is 'the black buddhas', and they basically try and force people into their cult.

That's basically it. There is a lesbian thing going on between her and the Indian girl up there in the tub, and beyond that...uh there isn't much else to say.
So, it still leaves the it bad, or is it good? Well, it's definitely better than I expected because it's coherent. The plot makes some sense if you ignore the religious aspect (which makes almost no sense). The characters are okay, except Mari when she goes into butt-girl form suddenly looks like a 22 year old or something. (all other times she looks like she's 14).

If you're really really bored I recommend checking it out. It's definitely not a waste of time but you could probably find something else to do..

oh ho ho...

Next blog post I'm going to be sharing a short story I wrote, this is different than one I talked about earlier. It's only 3 pages, so I hope you'll read it. I'm only doing this because at the moment I'm working through Cardcaptor Sakura which is 70 episodes long and 2 movies! I'll cover that series in three posts (Season 1 + first movie, Season 2, Season 3 + final movie)


  1. I don't know what to say other than 'ridiculous'.

  2. glad i know what this is from now. the question was plaguing me for days. :\